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Referee Uniform

The United States Soccer Federation has a partnership with OSI. OSI, or Officials Sports, is the official jersey for the United States Soccer Federation. OSI is the only vendor that may be invited to sell referee gear at the Entry Level Clinics.

The USSF Entry Level Clinic welcomes OSI to sell referee gear. Unfortunately, we do not have a local distributor in our area. To purchase OSI gear go to: (the brand experienced referees purchase).

We have found that there are other referee gear distributors available. Check out these other sites.

  1. Law 5->
  2. Score Sports->
  4. Ref Wear->
  5. Winners Sportswear->

Locally, in Spokane, we have a representative from The Whistleline, Dan Rice. He sells referee gear. A basic referee starter kit is available for purchase at a very reasonable price. His contact information can be found on the local referee web-site, or email him at

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I would recommend that officials purchase, "button down" (vs.v-neck) style referee jerseys. Yellow is the primary referee jersey, with black, red, blue and green as alternates (in that order). Pick long sleeve jerseys before purchasing short sleeve jerseys. (You can fold the long sleeves jerseys under to create a short sleeve look.) Please just order a yellow jersey to get yourself started.

Please be aware: the style of stripes on the referee jersey changed a few years ago. The newest "look" can be found at official sports. Be sure what you are purchasing looks the same! However, you if have a set of "old" style - they will work too!

Referees will need: jersey, solid black shorts that are mid-thigh (not basketball shorts that fall to the knees), black socks with 3 stripes, data wallet, whistle (wrist lanyard optional), watch with stopwatch, black shoes (cleats, turfs or even comfortable running shoes) and flags.