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Click here to download a copy of the WEBSITE BASICS document. If attachment does not open or shows a blank form, please make sure you have the latest Acrobate Reader. If you have any other question feel free to contact the Website Administrator, Blake Wunderle at WEBSITE BASICS Go to (add it to your favorites). This is the referee assigning website for the Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association. Explore the site and become familiar with it BEFORE the season. The website is different for the STATE referee site it is at and will have a different password. You can change/update your profile on both sites. What's New Right away, you will notice a "what's new" section on the right side of the screen. This section lists events and training. Logging In The Area Referee Administrator will email your user name and password after your referee profile has been set up. To log in for the first time (CaSe SeNsItIvE); you will see the below fields: User Name: Initial Password: Contact website administrator at, if you have difficulties with the website. Contact the Area Referee Administrator,, if you need a referee profile on this website. The very first time that you log on- you will be asked to read "Agreements" for the IESRA website. These are standard agreements seen on referee websites that discuss the usage of the information you have access to and also the expectations as an official working games from this site. INFORMATION Information/calendar will show you meeting dates and soccer related scheduled events. Future training opportunities and local soccer official information are listed. Summer soccer tournaments are also posted on the calendar. Information/Inquiry allows the user to ask the site to search for games with certain criteria. If you are looking for "open" matches on a particular day at a particular site- you can search for games that fit your criteria. Information/FAQ contains rule information and links to USSF publications. Be sure to read the "how to self-assign" to matches under the referee FAQ. The website has rules set up that may restrict you from assigning to matches. All officals begin with a Center Referee (CR) ranking of 4 and an Assistant Referee (AR)ranking of 5. Your center rank or assistant referee rank must be equal to or greater than the match rank in order to self-assign to the match. Go to services, rankings, to see the list of match rankings. Officials must also have a current RMA in order to work youth matches. BULK EMAIL This website allows assignors, administrators, and board members to send bulk e-mails to over 300 officials in our area. The emails will inform you regarding training opportunities and match/tournament opportunities. Please Keep the bulk email function on. ASSIGNORS A list of the current assignors is listed on the referee website under the Information/assignors menu. I would strongly encourage you to stay in contact with your local assignor with your availability. (Find your local assignor and send an email introducing yourself!) Good communication with your assignor is important. You may also find games that work into your schedule and "request" the macth. When you request a match an email will go directly to the assignor with the match detail that you are requesting. Services/Profile Change your initial password. Keep your profile current. To change information in your profile-click on the white arrow pointing right. The arrow will change to point down. Change your information. Save it. Keep you phone numbers and email addresses current. This is the primary means of communitcation. You can provide more than 1 email address. Many youth officals add their parents' email addresses to ensure that someone is receiving messages in a timely manner. Any item that you check will be shared in the referee directory. Put check mark in front of the email address(es) and phone number(s). Go to Services/subscriptions and fill in the way you want to be notified. Add your texting numbers, be sure to add the @ for your specific carrier. Complete all of the data entries. All information is kept confidential. Only the information that you check will be shared. Areas of Interest Please complete this area, it informs the area assignors which area you are willing to work. Assignors might need to fill in matches with referees and if you are available for the area they might place you on a match. A notice is sent to you informing you to accept the match or turn it back. Match Reports Officials are required to complete a match report for EVERY match that they are assigned. Misconduct Reports Center referees are required to complete misconduct reports for every misconduct they issue during a match. Assistant referees are only required to indicate the number of misconducts given during a match. Accounting & Payroll Officials are paid at the monthly training meetings. Paychecks not picked up by officials at the monthly training meetings will be mailed out at the END of the season. Games fees are listed under Services / fees schedule. Go to Referee/Accounting to see game log accounting. Log Off Remember to log off the site.