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Risk Management ApplicationPrintable

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Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Application

Risk Management Application

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Youth Risk Management


Go to> - choose Resources, choose Risk Management and Safety, then choose Risk Management Application Process for Referees Because WYS requires referees to be risk management approved to be assigned to sanctioned competitions, they have created a process for referees to apply for background checks.

Referees have a separate background check-> application link. This URL will redirect to the risk management system for referees in Affinity.

There will be a flat $6 fee required to submit the background check application for referees - this includes the background check fee and risk management administration, as well as credit card processing fees.

For referees who created Affinity accounts for State Cup, the same username and password will be their login. If they have forgotten their password, use this link to recover a password.

If an applicant is a referee and a club, association, or district volunteer, the applicant should apply through the volunteer link and list the club, association, or district that they are volunteering with. A referee that is also a registered volunteer to a local organization will not have to pay $6 for their background check. Affinity will have a duplicate record prompt that will prevent the background check from running a second time.

IERSA Processing

Getting this information into IERSA We use AUTOMATION by interfacing with the WYS/Affinity system (takes them just a couple of days), so your information will be transmitted to us directly. This is, of course, dependent on WYS (via Affinity) having CLEARED your background check.


The automation matches your RMA Name (in your IERSA Profile) using first and last name and your Birth Date. If a match is not found it won't work. To fix this make sure that the name you gave them when you applied for your Risk Management Clearance and birth date is the same as what you have in your IERSA Profile.

We purposely have a field in your Profile called RMA Name so that you have the flexibility to get this matching correct.


Contact Maria at the WYS office.


Jeff Ripley, Web Administrator IERSA

Why - WYS Insurance Policy requires it!

I'm only 15, do I have to do this?

Yes, the RCW makes no distinction for a volunteer who is a minor, but the WYS Insurance Policy uses age 12 and up as its' criterion.Going