New Referee


How to become a soccer refereePrintable

Click here to download a copy of the How to become a soccer referees. How to become a soccer official? The structure of the USSF entry level referee clinic has changed. Individuals are required to complete the following: 1. Register as a new referee online at 2. While at, find the listing for the clinic you would like to take and register for the entry level clinic (Spokane area is 6NE). After you have registered, you will receive a link to complete the 20 online lessons required. This link will be emailed to the email you provided when you registered. 3. Complete 20 online lessons before attending the one day class. (The lessons take between 3-6 hours to complete.) 4. Attend the one day entry level clinic. The one day clinic will consist of a 100 question test (the first 56 questions will be given immediately at the start of the clinic). Printed lesson completion certificates may be required to be turned in to the lead instructor prior to the start of the class. These certificates will be printed from the online lessons completed at The law book is NOT required reading in order to take the online modules, however, here are the links for the current law book and the "easy" version. The current USSF law book can be read on the website. "2013-2014 Laws of the Game" USSF puts out a youth friendly book of the laws called "Laws of the Game Made Easy". Available Entry Level Grade 8 classes are listed on the website. When Spokane schedules their next clinic you will find it on that website. Classes are available all over the state if you are willing to travel More information can be found on the website, "how do I become a new referee".