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Match Results

Default Criteria has been established!

The following Match Results match the criteria as of Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 at 9:29am PDT. Please be aware that this list is subject to change at any time as a result of a RefereeReferee filing a Match Report.

multiple multiple multiple multiple reset Printable
868145/11/2021EW Surf SCPSPLGirlsU17premierEW Surf SC G04 WNPL vs E...0 - 6
858635/11/2021Storm FCPSPLGirlsU19PremierStorm FC G02 Estrellado ...0 - 3
864585/11/2021EW Surf SCpsplGirlsU11selectEW SURF SC G10 BLACK NOR...7 - 1
866515/11/2021EW Surf SCWISLGirlsU12SelectEW Surf SC G2009 Black V...2 - 2
868035/10/2021EW Surf SCWISLGirlsU19PremierEW Surf SC G06 Peterson ...1 - 1
867605/10/2021WE SoccerWISLBoysU12SelectWESC SOUTH B09 BRESSON v...1 - 7
867565/9/2021WE SoccerWISLGirlsU11SelectWESC SCOTTIES G10 SANDER...1 - 1
866985/9/2021SSC ShadowRCLgirlsU14premierSpokane Sounders G07 Sha...0 - 0
868105/9/2021WE SoccerWISLGirlsU18SelectWESC SCOTTIES G03 YOUNG ...1 - 6
866545/9/2021EW Surf SCWISLGirlsU13selectEW Surf SC G2008 WNPL PA...3 - 1
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